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Hey there! My name is Quvi

Welcome to my personal website! I am a 3rd year undergraduate student in BUET’s Computer Science and Engineering program, and I expect to graduate in 2024. I work with Assoc Prof. Dr. Shamsuzzoha Bayzid on Bioinformatics in the “Bayzid’s Lab”. I am currently involved in Bioinformatics research.

I was only 13 when I ran my first code in C. Creating website(s) with HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and PHP fascinated me much back when I was a 7th grader kid (Year 2012) and I worked on several hobby projects as well. The same year, I learned to code in C and then I learned Javascript, Java, Android Development, Visual Basic.NET, C#, SQL and so on! I also learned some game development in Unity but soon I was bored and then I got my hands on Security and Penetration Testing. As a high school kid, my greatest projects ever were a Remote Administration Tool including Keylogger and an android app for emergency situations. I knew what I was about to study in future and here I am now - a BUET CSE undergrad. I broke 8th in the BUET admission test of 2018.

I believe that the Web platform and Android are the futures of software development and I plan to be a part of it. My favorite programming language is C++, and my go-to stack for building Web applications is PERN stack. My second favorite language is Javascript, and I enjoy using it for both browser-side code and node.js application code. I’m currently working on Project Algorist. I love solving problems on AtCoder. I store my codes on GitHub, and I enjoy reading e-books from the Pragmatic Programmers.


Some of my writeups:

  1. Building a Minimalist C Compiler in C/C++ - Part 1 (Symbol Table)
  2. Building a Minimalist C Compiler in C/C++ - Part 2 (Lexical Analyzer with Flex)
  3. Building a Minimalist C Compiler in C/C++ - Part 3 (Syntax and Semantic Analyzer or Parser with YACC / Bison)
  4. Building a Minimalist C Compiler in C/C++ - Part 4 - Path 1 (Intermediate Code Generation and Optimization -> Intel 8086 Assembly Code)
  5. Building a Minimalist C Compiler in C/C++ - Part 4 - Path 2 (Intermediate Code Generation and Optimization -> MIPS Assembly Code)
  6. Building a Minimalist C Compiler in C/C++ - Part 5 - (Running the Assembly Code on EMU8086 / MARS)
  7. Building an Assembler for MIPS ISA
  8. Building a Processor / CPU - Part 1 (Arithmetic Logic Unit in Logisim)
  9. Building a Processor / CPU - Part 2 (Floating Point Adder in Logisim)
  10. Building a Processor / CPU - Part 3 (Datapath in Logisim)
  11. Final Capstone: Writing a C Code and Running it on Our Own Machine!
  12. DFAs, NFAs and Regular Expression
  13. Context Free Grammers and Pushdown Automata
  14. The Amazing World of Linear Algebra
  15. Oracle SQL and PL-SQL